Features of TESS Solar Power Generation Systems

We support our clients entirely from planning stage till after- start- up of Solar Power Generation Systems.


Based on our rich track records, we design the system complying with client's requirements. Simultaneously, we support our clients for applying necessary permission or approval to the power company and authorities.
Bearing mind to freely select vendors, an optimum system for the clients is designed by selecting appropriate vendors in domestic and foreign markets. Equipment procurement is carried out with careful consideration on performance and cost in selection of photovoltaic cell modules, power conditioner, substation equipment, supporting structure, foundation etc.
Our rich track records show our clients to order construction without any concern.
Operation & Maintenance (O&M):
We undertake O&M of Solar Power Generation System to support long term stable operation. By our operation control system with remote monitoring service, we are confident of providing the best maintenance plan for client's satisfaction. We welcome you, at any time, to show the operation monitoring activities at our Monitoring Center, Osaka.
Proposal of Remote Monitoring Service:
On behalf of our clients, we carry out monitoring of power generated at Solar Power Generation System. Our expert engineers perform daily monitoring to find earlier a sign of defect or malfunction, and provide proper instruction of primary counter measures, when any of failure is found. We also help our clients in preparation of business reports as result of power generation and business operation.