Operation & Maintenance

We undertake an operation and maintenance for large scale co-generation system operated as important energy source at the factories and offices. Our business policy is always focused to satisfactory after-service from operation start-up preventing any trouble on facility operation.

Summary of our proposal for O & M

1. Development of demand-supply plan and cost benefit estimation
We develop demand-supply plan and estimate cost benefit comparing before-after introduction.
2. Operation management
Our engineers pursue, on behalf of client, various plant operation jobs including overall operation management, chemical orders, load adjustment etc. The job also includes daily patrol inspections.
3. Preparation of daily operation report
4. Preparation of proposal for safety and improvement
5. Maintenance
We provide economical and careful after-service considering optimum inspection and parts replacement cycle to be determined by utilization of 24 hours operation monitoring system. We undertake entire maintenance of utilities including various installations or measuring works, inspection, chemical orders etc.
Utility maintenance works are summarized;
Piping, Wiring, Air-conditioning renewal, Boring, Smoke/Soot detection, Countermeasure of black smoke, Fuel tank cleaning and leakage inspection, Annual inspection for electrical facilities, Boiler legal inspection, Dosage of water treatment chemicals, Placement of oil- absorption mat, Refilling lubricant.

Job Reference:

Large Scale Gas Engine Co-Generation Power Station (Year 2006 ~)