Comprehensive Proposal for Utility Improvement

We will be pleased to furnish our proposal for improvement of utilities including energy saving in various points of view, environmental improvements and cost cutting plans.


What is "Comprehensive Proposal for Utilities" ?

With a result of surveying factory sites, we undertake overall job from system design up to construction and maintenance as after-service. Our proposal includes global counter measures for energy saving and environmental solutions such as installation of high efficiency equipment - lighting system, air-conditioning systems, high performance compressor as well as solar power generation and wind power generation systems treated as renewable energy.

Our proposal may also include overall review of factory utilities to suit introduction of fuel conversion system, or provision of energy service facility which enables to lessen a burden of initial investment or introduction of various public subsidies to support client financially.

Examples of Proposal

  • High efficiency air-conditioning system (fuel combustion, electrical system)
  • Automatic air supply system by motorizing steam header
  • Power recovery system by utilizing steam differential pressure
  • Waste heat recovery type compressor
  • Waste heat recovery from various facilities
  • Installation of high efficiency small scale once-through boiler
  • Substation, battery, counter measure for momentary power failure
    (power storage battery, UPS- Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Motor modification to inverter
  • Amorphous transformer
  • Solar power generation, Small scale wind power generation, Fuel cell system
  • High efficiency lighting system
  • Energy management system (DCS)
  • Maintenance service for existing power generation system