24 Hours Operation Monitoring System

Utilities like co-generation systems or LNG satellite are regarded very important in operation of factory and office. Our own developed 24 hours operation monitoring system detects abnormal signs in advance avoiding any trouble. "Early detection/Early troubleshooting" is the basic policy.

Our system may provide monitoring service to cover not only the equipment we contract but entire client's facilities.


Monitoring Services

Our engineers are stationed at monitoring center for round the clock and through the year to monitor by online and be ready for alarming event and proper instruction to client.
The tasks are summarized as below;

  • Remote operation monitoring and reporting alarm/warning event on day off and night time without plant attendant
  • Reporting alarm incidents and summarizing/reporting counter measures to the incidents
  • Verification of system employment effect, and proposal for operation improvement
  • Remote monitoring of consumables such as fuel, oil & grease, chemicals, and advance ordering refills on client's behalf
  • Checking important parameters to be measured particularly and acquiring tendency
  • Monitoring business undertaking from ESCO business operators and manufacturers


Engineering Services

We assist in new system introduction, expansion or renewal of monitoring system, and establish Web systems.

  • Establishment of appropriate system to suit facilities, scale and installed conditions
  • Data collection with existing system (network) and establishment of data communication
  • Establishment of monitoring system to suit convenience of operation personnel such as communication with home PC or mobile telephone out of operational station
  • Survey of failure on monitoring PC and communication devices, and repairing work