Quality/Environmental Policy

TESS Engineering is posting "Priority on Clients and Satisfaction to Clients" as corporate philosophy. Quality/Environmental Policy has been established as part of activities which substantiate the management philosophy to contribute solving various issues clients have.

We will practice Quality/Environmental Management System to achieve earth-friendly business activities based on "Quality/Environmental Policy" below and endeavor to continuously improve it.

  • 1. We place value on that communication with client is important, and propose products and services to comply with customers' requirement.
  • 2. We observe the laws and legal rules/requirements applied to our business activities.
  • 3. We promote to achieve goals and objectives set for quality/environmental activities by participation of all the staff members.
  • 4. We endeavor to realize strengthening business structure and enhancing company's value by practicing PDCA at every scene of business activity.
  • 5. We contribute prevention of global warming and preservation of environment through co-generation system which is our core business, as well as any kind of environmental/energy saving system.
  • 6. This policy will be fully disseminated to our executives and employees and become available for general public.

July 1, 2017

TESS Engineering Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President
Toshihiro Takasaki