Policy for Personal Information Protection

We, Tess Engineering Co., Ltd. hereby commit ourselves to respect client's privacy. For practicing the commitment reliably, we establish the following policy for personal information protection and do our utmost to treat and manage any of personal information properly.

Acquisition of personal information
In case we acquire personal information from our clients, we specify the purpose of usage as clear as possible. We provide notice to the client of our appointed personnel, purpose of information usage and way of information handling before we acquire such personal information within necessary scope. We never acquire the personal information without permission or by way of injustice.
Usage of personal information
Within a restricted scope of usage indicated in the notice aforementioned, we shall use or provide the personal information. In any event we use or provide the personal information beyond the restriction of purpose, we shall receive a prior consent from the client.
Non-disclosure of personal information
Except the provision aforementioned or in the laws, we never disclose to third person any personal information acquired from clients.
Security of personal information
We shall maintain necessary and sufficient security against risks such as illegal access to the personal information or, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information.
Inquiry and correction of personal information
If the clients desire to inquire or correct the personal information, we will immediately response within a reasonable scope upon receipt of such requirements by our liaison personnel.
Assignment of personal information
We may assign or provide to third person within permissible scope for acquisition or management of the personal information. In such event, we shall control the assignment or receiver of personal information having credible level of maintaining security.
Compliance with laws or regulations
We shall comply with the applicable laws or regulation related to personal information and shall improve our governance appropriately for practicing the aforementioned provisions.