Biomass / RPF (Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel) Boiler

Under FIT system (Feed-in Tariff) enacted from July 2012, construction of wooden biomass power plants utilizing particular biomass boilers is being promoted.

We furnish proposals not only for power generation business based on FIT system, but for various business plans utilizing less expensive biomass or converting fuel to RPF, for the benefit of clients who consume relatively much energy such as timber processing, paper mills or chemical industries.


Benefit of System Introduction

1. Remarkable fuel cost reduction:
Utilizing wood fuel such as sawdust, wooden chips or wood pellet, it contributes for remarkable cost reduction in comparison with petroleum base fuel recently being soared.
2. Reduction of CO2
Wood fuel as carbon neutral fuel contributes for CO2 reduction.
3. Utilization of FIT (Feed-in Tariff) system
By utilizing FIT system, generated power is possible for sale. Biomass power generation is paid attention as stable power source expected by proper operation management and favorably regarded for power generation business.

Finance Aspects

We establish an optimum plan of fuel conversion and capital investment by comprehensively reviewing current fuel consumption and possibility of cost /environment improvement. After operation start-up, we support client in realizing planned economic effect providing our services to secure stable fuel supply of biomass/RPF or maintenance system with 24 hours operation monitoring.

Also we are ready to propose out-sourcing of necessary energy that eliminates initial investment, or to assist in application of public subsidy if biomass ratio allows, or documentation to authorities and power company in case of FIT system be desired. Depending on application, both subsidy and FIT system can be combined.

Objective Clients

  • Clients whose demand of process steam is relatively high like at chemical plants or paper mills
  • Clients who plan renewal of existing biomass or RPF boiler
  • Clients who can secure stable wooden fuel such as wood processing industries