PPS (Power Producer and Supplier)

Our comprehensive support solves various energy issues clients face, as expert of energy saving and environment / cost improvement, including power supply service from our own PPS business.

Retail sale of electric power

In February, 2010 we obtained license of PPS business and started retail sale of electric power under liberalization of electric power market. We supply power to the clients at lower charge than currently paid without requirement of any new investment, and with the same power quality as currently consumed.

Power Purchase

We purchase electric power from power generation companies. More environmentally friendly electric power is nowadays supplied to clients by purchasing electric power generated by solar or biomass power generation systems.

Our position in power liberalization market

(1)Power Receiving Contract (2)Power Consignment Contract (3)Power Supply Contract

  • 1. We purchase electric power from power producers by whole sale contract.
  • 2. We rent transmission line from power company for sending purchased power to consumers (consignment).
  • 3. We sell electric power to consumers by retail sale contract.

Power supply areas

Kansai Area・Kansai Area・Hokkaido map

Currently we are selling electric power retail in Hokkaido, Chubu and Kansai areas.

Summary of supporting steps

Data Analysis→Estimate submission→Contract→Process→Start

For promotion of PPS

We are the one of members participating in "Committee for Selectable Power Environment Creation, Osaka" jointly established among Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City and 10 PPS companies. We participate in lecture meeting and provide information for PPS promotion and enlightenment towards consumers at seminars.