Plicies for quality control and environment protection

Corporate philosophy of TESS Engineering is ≪Priority on Clients and Satisfaction to Clients>>

For contribution to solve client's various issues, we have established our own management system as part of corporate activities to materialize our corporate philosophy.

We also do our utmost to establish, carry out and continuously improve the management system, for achieving our activities that provide environment-friendly globe based on the following quality control and environment protection policies;

  • 1. We provide products and services to fully meet client's requirements by valuing communication with client.
  • 2. We strictly observe the laws, regulation and duties applicable to our business activities.
  • 3. We promote activities of quality control and environmental protection by participation of all our corporate members forcusing on purpose and setting target with the management system established.
  • 4. We do our utmost to robust corporate structure and raise corporate value by practicing PDCA at any moment of business activities.
  • 5. We try to contribute for global warming prevention and environmental protection through our core business of solar power generation systems/co-generation systems as well as construction of facilities related toenergy saving and environmental protection.
  • 6. We make all our corporate members well known to these policies and provide them available for public people to freely aquire.

July 1, 2016

Hideo Ishiwaki, President & CEO
TESS Engineering Co., Ltd.